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Fishing for Dinosaurs!

 Go fishing for Giant Alligator Gar in the Trinity River!  Looking to stay on land?  Take your shot at one of the free range animals of Texas.  Such as wild hogs, aoudad sheep, black buck and axis deer. Feeling like an adventure?!  We have mixed bag options!    Who says you can't do it all?   

Alligator Gar fishing and wild hog hunt.

(2 separate locations)

4 day trip

Fly into San Antonio TX 

Fish for alligator gar 1-4 days on Trinity River

Then switch to ranches in the hill country west of San Antonio

Hunt wild hogs (no limit)

Clients may shoot free range exotics for a trophy fee $2500 USD.

All inclusive from San Antonio

Value $4000 

This is for 2 hunters.